Types of Diamonds

There are many laboratories that "certify" diamonds. Some are more consistent and accurate than others. J. J. Chambers & Co. generally recommends and inventories Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) certified diamonds. They are considered the authority in diamond grading and have proven to be the most consistent and the most desirable diamonds in the trade.

Diamonds are priced differently depending on the place of purchase. We are true wholesalers in the business and always offer stones well below the Rapaport Price List. The Rapaport Price List is a price list published weekly for round brilliant cut diamonds and monthly for fancies. It is a reflection of supply and demand in the industry.

In addition to various diamond sizes, there are also a wide variety of diamond shapes to choose from including Round Brilliant, Oval, Emerald Cut, Emerald Square (Asscher), Heart, Cushion, Princess, Radiant, Pear and Marquise.

Trillion, straight or tapered baguette, bullets, trapezoids, kites, shields, half moons, and others are typically used as "side stones." Contact J. J. Chambers & Co. today for a hand-crafted, custom designed item.